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New Owner Introduction & My first pet.

Hello friends, 

Well, it's been more than a month since we acquired Hippuppy.com and most of that time has been spent creating or importing new products and inventory.  I've got quite a few more ideas and items to add but I thought it was time to at least say Hello and introduce myself.  My name is Merle and with a career in aviation, but no pensions, (long story) I thought I'd meld our love for pets into a retirement endeavor......and therefore the acquisition of hippuppy.com .  It has been an interesting trek so far. 

First pet

So,  back in Omaha, Nebraska at age 7, tearing the house up with 2 other siblings, our parents fetched a beautiful little Boston bulldog terrier to help "teach us responsibilities". This little girl sniffed everything.......... so she became "Sniffy".  Sniffy lived 17 yrs and tolerated the addition, shortly after her arrival,  of two neutered male Siamese Sealpoint cats.    Mom was a school teacher and dad spent long hours selling men's clothing so it was up to us kids to come home from school, feed the pets, and find out what the cat's had torn up.  They weren't de-clawed and we made several scratching posts but Ming and Ling much preferred the corners of the couch and fabric chairs!  Between us kids and the pets the house was always in shambles.......but that's what we pet owners sort of learn to accept; isn't it.  The love, loyalty, and affection of pets overshadows the mere inconvenience of demolished furniture and such.  Right?  Ha.  

The Fun      

  My brother and I would trap either cat under a cardboard apple box with quarter size holes in the side and we would scratch along the sides to tease the cats into lashing out through the holes and playing.  As we all know.....cats are quick and my brother and I on many a day would suspend the playfulness as we sucked the blood droplets off the end of our fingers.......pseudo exclaiming, " that'll teach em " .  Ha.                                                                                                                            On some boring afternoons, when mom and dad certainly weren't home, we would simply chase the cats around the house.  They would leap from couch back to couch back and up the drapes and all over the place as we hooted and hollered feigning a  capture.  But boy, if you did actually grab one when they were " fired up"  they would claw you a good one to get back on the run.............so we only did that once!    

One time one of the cats ran up the two story stairs and dove into the open cloths chute and fell 3 stories into the basement pile of sheets and pending laundry.  Whew, that was close........so we made sure the laundry chute door was latched before starting a chase.  At night, those cats would rotate person to person on top of the covers and we always felt unwilling to move or roll over on those colder nights to keep the cat from " losing his warm spot ".   They were wonderful pets.

The day I became an adult

One day at age 14 I rode my bike to the house after my paper route deliveries and there were my siblings and a few neighbor kids huddled around the curb.........waiting for big brother.  Next to the curb lay Ling who died very quickly after being hit by a car. Unfortunately,  several of the youngsters witnessed the event and didn't  know what to do.........except........ wait for big brother.                       I retrieved a shoe box from a closet and we buried Ling in that rich Nebraska soil at the corner of the back yard with a full service and prayers; just us kids.  Mom and dad were proud of my mature actions and I realize now that I would probably not handle the trauma of the same situation today, with all of my years, nearly as well as I did then.............I was learning about the realities of life .                  We replaced Ling with one of his brothers the same age and both cats lived to be 19. Now this cat was big......about the size of a rabbit.....and so.....his name was Bunny.  I was out of college and in the Air Force when mom would let me know when each pet had died.  I was so busy with life I don't remember much sadness but I do know I was glad they had lived such long and cared-for lives.                        We didn't take many photos of the pets back then and I actually have none of Sniffy, Ming, and Bunny.  We've split a lot of family photos among the brother and sisters.  I'll check again with them.   More stories soon.












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