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On the road again....

Dachshund puppy with 2 yr old daughterThere is one thing for sure about military service; one will travel, and that often inhibits acquiring and taking care of pets.                                                                                           After graduating from OTS in 1967 , marrying my high school sweetheart, and then graduating from pilot training, it was three years into my tour as an instructor in West Texas that we finally acquired a young Dachshund from a couple with an overseas assignment. " Cocoa " was a fiesty little guy and very defensive of our off base rental house up to the point of snipping at the neighborhood kids who came by on the sidewalk. The kids enjoyed Cocoa and fortunately didn't get too attached to him for we also decided to leave the Air Force and pursue a commercial aviation career leaving Cocoa with a  family just outside town who harbored a multitude of dogs, small and large on their farm. The other thing about traveling and passing years is photos get archived and lost.  I have scoured memory sticks and cds for the few pictures of Cocoa we took and only found two. We rented apartments in Dallas and houses in Virginia, which didn't allow pets, and the oil embargo of 73 really raised havoc with my aviation career so owning pets kept getting pushed to the back burner.  We did enjoy friend's and neighbor's pets and the daughters grew up and they began to travel..........so guess who got their pets?  Mom and dad.


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