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Did you know that it's a scientific fact that Pets make us happier? And not just happier, but healthier. They keep us moving, lower stress levels and blood pressure, and ease social isolation. Dogs and cats really are the best, aren't they?!

 We want to really thank the site's previous owner for graciously helping us acquire Hip Puppy in June 2017.                                                                                     ____________________________________________________________________

So, who are the Hip Pups and Hip Kats?

  Well, they are everything we could want and expect in our pets; loving, attentive, rambuncous, smart, and patience trying characters. That's why they are Hip.

 Now, the Hip Pups ARE hip.

 Are they a "little" spoiled and think they're the only ones?  Yep.

Do they think they have the right to hog the bed? Oh yeah.....and they do.

Do they think they own the house......and especially the kitchen?  Of course, and they do.

Do they think they own the back yard, the grounds, the farm, and the entire ranch?  Sure; and they do.

Do they mark their territory on walks and think they own the neighborhood?  Absolutely.

Are the Hip Pups Hollywood? They're as Hollywood as red carpet.

Do the Hip Pups love the country? Right on brother. They're as country as country can be. They love country roads and trucks.

Are the Hip Pups mountain dogs? Just try and keep up with them on those forest hikes.  They think they own the forest too!

Do the Hip Pups like water? They swim like fish !

Well, with all those traits the Hip Puppies are the hippest.


So, how about the Hip Kats.

 Well........they just sit by and watch cooly how crazy the Hip Pups are.  They don't care.

You see, the Hip Kats are......well, cats.

They're a little aloof. They're a little coy. They're a LOT more quiet. They could care less about the Hip Pup's antics.......they're.... just cool .........which is why they are ULTRA hip.

 Hip Pups and Hip Kats have had quite a day already so they are off to take their naps.  Yes, even hip pups takes "cat" naps.  Ha.

 They will be up and about to greet you on your next visit for sure.

 They hope you'll find something of value......... and maybe even entertaining on every visit.

 Well...the Hip Kats have some cousins from out West calling themselves the Cali Kats, who always have something to say, coming to visit soon.  Oh boy.  We can’t wait for that!

 Til then...............


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Hip puppy models

Hip puppy models

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