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Pit Bulls and Perception

We took care of a neighbor's 2 yr old female Pit Bull for the entire day. Roxie has that hard-to-read look of a Pit Bull but she is the most gentle, loving, dog one will meet. I have very little experience with Pit Bulls and can't reflect on some Pit Bull behavior but Roxie proves they can be truly wonderful dogs.                                                         So.........our neighbor says  "Well,  she's never really stayed with anyone all day without me"   Uh.........ok.  I'm thinking  "I sure hope this works out" .  Our friend leaves.   We have...

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Leashes vs obedience

 We had been taking care of Baxter for almost a year at the North Carolina house. We had sold the Stuart , FL house and lived full time outside of Boone in a no leash required , populated but heavily wooded community with an integrated ski resort. So we were at elevation, 4750' , with lots of wild life literally embedded within the town.  We thought we had learned when we could trust Baxter off the lease or not.  He was very dutiful in staying at hand when we went to the mailbox and he would pee across the road or if we did short term yard work he would not venture off.   Well, we had FL friends come...

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Gismo stories

Wow,  where do I start?  There have been so many little situations and incidents it is difficult to remember many of them......and of course there usually isn't a camera on hand either; but for the most part, they each led uneventful and peaceful lives.....thankfully.     We acquired Gismo from our daughter at around age 7 .  She had to crate and fly her from Washington Natl Airport to Palm Beach Intl and we were somewhat nervous about the trip.  I had observed and dealt with many shipped pets during my commercial aviation career but now I was the pet owner and one's perception gets different........but she did fine.  She didn't soil her crate liner and she didn't seem the...

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