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Our Story

Did you know that it's a scientific fact that dogs make us happier? And not just happier, but healthier. They keep us moving, lower stress levels and blood pressure, and ease social isolation. Dogs really are the best, aren't they?!

I became the Human mom to a Rottweiler when I married my husband in 2013. Jax was adopted from the pound 8 years ago skinny, malnourished with heart worms and mange. Under my husbands loving care, he quickly gained weight and recovered his health. Jax is now the most beautiful and loving dog you have every seen. He immediately stole my heart. Even though he weighs close to 150 pounds he thinks he is a lapdog. Sit down on the ground near him and you'll soon find him climbing in your lap as if he is a small puppy.

We recently had a tornado come through our community and poor Jax was outside for the afternoon in our fenced in backyard. My husband and I were both at work (20 miles away) and unable to get home to let him inside. He is terrified of storms! Unfortunately the winds were so strong that the gate blew open and he escaped our backyard. We got home and he was no where to be found! Of course my husband and I both went into a panic. We searched our large neighborhood and several surrounding miles for hours, called animal control to make sure there were no reports on him, and posted a missing dog status on Facebook. Our wonderful Facebook friends shared those post over 600 times. Thankfully we soon located him but boy what a scare!

For several days after this incident I thought about how very important our pets are to us. How they truly become a part of our lives. I am an entrepreneur at heart and decided I would love to do something involving animals. Something where I could give back to the communities and business that help save them. That is when Hip Puppy was born.

Hip Puppy's home base is in Danville, Virginia. We carry high quality, original design dog collars, leashes, harnesses, and doggie apparel.  A portion of our proceeds will be donated to animal shelters and animal welfare causes to give dogs like Jax a fighting chance to survive. Thank you for your support! We hope you will love our products as much as we do!

Portrait of Jax by Mark Heath. 

Our sweet Kibby

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